3 Reasons to Make LOVE the Core of Your Business

Let me share with you a little bit of my story and my commitment. I, like many soulpreneurs, am in the business of love.

I love business. I have a degree in Management and Economics and numbers make me happy. However, my education taught me to go beyond, and make sure that I knew what numbers stood for. I know they are the people who benefit from something, or the income that will allow them to house and feed their kids. Percentages are not empty figures, they show the people who respond or need something, or those who don’t.

Loving business?

Yes! I strive to help people love their business. Loving the time they spend “at work”, and the people they work with and work for. In my daily activities often times I have to remind my clients to enjoy their process. Whether it is the fun creating process for their products and services, or the nasty business-y side. Numbers, analytics, taxes, and business set-up are somewhat overwhelming for many soulpreneurs and creatives. But that does not mean we need to stay away from them.

We need to understand that each and every business activity enables the good, fun, powerful side of our business. Don’t get rid of the nasty, understand it, and embrace it as part of your process. If all else fails, you can always outsource to someone who actually enjoys doing it. Yes, some of us actually enjoy the numbers, analytics, and other business-y things. But do not disregard it or let go of it completely. You are still in charge of your own process, even if someone helps you with it.

Spreading love through your business

We are living in a world that puts profit first, and that is not an entirely bad thing. Nonetheless, putting people and happiness and environment protection first is a good thing too. Many times, you cannot take care of the people, happiness, and nature without making a profit first.

When you really want to make a difference in the world, sometimes you need to get creative. Now more than ever before, we are understanding that what we do in our daily lives can be positive  or negative. We are not different from the person who goes to work every day. We ARE the person who goes to work everyday. Some of us no longer justify those negative and destructive behaviors as a necessary evil, because we know better. You do not have to work 12 hours a day to make money, you can find more productive and positive ways to work 8 hours and feel proud of it.

How can you do it?

Always think about how someone can benefit from what you do. In everything you do!

Your attitude matters. If you’re serving others at a restaurant and put the right attitude behind it, you’ll do better. You will listen to what your customers need. Maybe suggest things that you know they will enjoy. Then you will make sure to check on how they are finding their food, and think of something else they may enjoy, a refill, desert, etc.

If you are a lawyer, you can put love into the time you devote helping your client, and go above and beyond for them to feel safe, supported, and understood. If you are a health coach, you will check in and keep an eye on your client’s progress. Maybe you’ll share some content that your client needs or values? Maybe you care for them as people, and not just focus on the project? There are many ways to spread love in your business beyond donating to charity or organizing tree-planting festivals.

It’s now or never

I can tell you that if you are planning on coming into the business of love, now is the perfect time. Have you seen the news? Have you heard people in the streets and how they talk or feel? I have said it before and I will say it again. Even if some don’t believe it, It is profitable to do the right thing. Though it may not be as quick and easy, it is profitable. It too may take longer and it may require more effort and collaboration, but it can be done. Angry people are not as productive. Frustrated people make more mistakes and take more time doing things. Happy people are productive. Productivity is good for business! Loving people make businesses more welcoming, and will have more customers returning than those who simply care about a paycheck.

There are many digital and creative resources to get you into the business of love. Spreading love, inspiring love, and working with and through love. It’s not cheesy, it is really becoming a case of do or die.

I’m choosing “do”. How about you?


Spread the love! If you know of someone who is needing to read this, do share! 

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