5 lies about business and money

We could talk about many lies about business and money that people keep assuming as true. In all honesty, we have all witnessed changes in the business environment from the Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution. The issue here, is that most “big players” don’t want to acknowledge these changes.They know they’ve been holding all these lies about business as true. Why? Sometimes it’s not even evil, they just don’t know how to operate with new mindsets and changes. This is really the reason why YOU don’t think “business as usual” works for you. And it’s good! Because it’s obsolete!

We’ll uncover each one of them, and at the end of this blogpost, you will also find a little checklist that can help you see them in YOUR professional life. It doesn’t matter if you work for a big corporation, or you’re trying to figure out what to do for a living, it will help you find your way to become part of the business world and make money. Not the dirty feel-guilty greedy kind of money. But…

The “I’m so happy” everything-flows, good-for-all kind of money.

  1. You have to work to make money.
  2. Some careers don’t make money.
  3. Successful business people are cold-hearted and insensitive.
  4. The number 1 focus of a successful business is profit.
  5. The customer is always right.


So let’s tackle them.


1. You have to work to make money

NO! you have to be productive and add value to something or someone in order to earn money. Working has become such a machine-based purpose for people! Under this new umbrella of value, your knowledge, skills, talents, experience, company, and anything that can bring value to others can be compensated. Therefore, you can make money in a positive way. You may have to still work those extra-hours, or have some stress days in your life, but your purpose and humanity are connected here.


2. Some careers don’t make money.

This is the reason why everyone in the world has been told that they should be a doctor or a lawyer. Or maybe an accountant or engineer to add into the mix. The lie behind this seems to propose that everyone will be sick, fighting, making numbers work, or operating a machine. Is that all human beings are and need? Then why is it that Hollywood and social media are really the most profitable industries? They are industries based on ideas, dreams, illusions, artistry, creation, imagination, etc. They are not perfect, but they are the clearest examples of that flawed assumption.

However, we do need to make a point here. If you love doing something and you’re good at it, but you’re not making money through it, it’s a hobby! It can become a business, but you need to understand the value that you’re adding through it. And be willing to fight for it! Healing is a service. Entertainment is a service. Knowledge is an asset. Don’t just give them away all the time!


3. Successful business people are cold-hearted and insensitive.

Oh… my favorite lie about business. Business practices have become cold-hearted and insensitive, that is true. But people, especially successful people, are actually loving and caring. We have just shifted our vision of success to having a lot of money. Honestly, people who do great in business, live comfortably but will not do it by having their employees and clients pay for it.

If you’re cold-hearted that means you’re not passionate. And if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing every day, you won’t be as successful as you can be. Your mind just wouldn’t be as inspired and productive. Your body will become sick and tired. People around you will not be inspired either, so they wont’ be as productive and inspired either! Efficiency requires things to be done in the best way possible. Lack of sensitivity doesn’t allow you to be the best. It also doesn’t allow you to acknowledge the importance of human and natural resources. In the long-run pollution, discrimination, and all those negative practices, become expensive.


4. The number 1 focus of a successful business is profit.

Profit is important for survival, and definitely a key performance indicator. But if you focus on growing your profits, you lose track of why your business exists. Your business has a purpose, values, mission, vision, etc. Whether you wrote them out and promote them or you just have them in your mind. They are your reason for being. Therefore, they permeate all through your business practices. Your focus, if you want a truly successful business practice, should be the value you bring. As well as how well you’re living your purpose, values, mission, vision, etc. If you focus on that, you’ll sell more, produce in a better and more ethical way, and have a long-running business.


5. The customer is always right.

One more way we tried to use catchy phrases to make things easier, while making a mess. If the customer is always right, then everyone else would have to be wrong all the time, right? That, in itself, is a recipe for disaster. If the business is wrong, then how can you sell? If the company isn’t right, how can it innovate? Businesses are relationships. They are thus, based on the value we bring to each other. As a business developer, owner, or just employee, you need to know that. What are you bringing to the relationship? Not just with your customer, but with your teammates? How about your company? Providers? Community?

You have to know what’s best for your customer, by getting to know both,  your product and service, as well as your customer’s needs. Most of the time your customer will come in looking for something because of their personal experience. If you know your business, you will be able to find whatever suits them best, while keeping their highest good in mind, and the best way in which YOU can provide value to them. They are not mutually exclusive!

If you care for all of them, and pay attention to what they say:

a) You grow and learn.

b) You find areas of growth and opportunity.

c) You learn from your mistakes.

d) You increase and highlight your value.

e)  And… You can build long-lasting relationships based on trust. Your customer will know and trust that you will always do what brings them the most value!

Beyond the lies about business and money.

I have noticed that every time I fall for the lies about business and money… My business struggles, and I struggle with it. When I stay true to my purpose, my values, and the trust-based relationship with my clients, my business grows. And what does business growth mean? I have bigger and better projects, that align with my purpose and goals, more income, and I can provide better opportunities for other professionals to collaborate. It means, I have a business that fits my life, I don’t “work for a living”.

If you want to check how much you’ve fallen for these lies, check out this PDF. It’s free, you don’t need to pay to receive it. Take it on your own, and if you need help with the steps that follow, that’s what I’m here for! There is always a creative way to go beyond business lies. You will also find the first steps to take you beyond the lies and into a life where go beyond “survival mode”. What does that mean?

You’ll make money while enjoying what you do every day. Even if it’s not your dream job!


Download the Good Business Checklist HERE


If you want to share your experience going through the Good Business Checklist, feel free to send me an email.

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