Understand why you’re afraid of branding yourself?

Are you afraid of branding yourself? Understand why here:

One of the big struggles that I’ve found with customers and friends while developing their own branding is a certain fear of putting your face and name out there.

I can absolutely relate! As a producer, manager, and consultant I have spent most of my life building someone else’s brand, name, and popularity. I have been confident and comfortable knowing how to set up your name, picture, values, and overall image in anything from business cards to massive shows with more than 30,000 people. And… You know what? It works. I have learned what’s needed, not only at a technical level, but in a personal level. I know when it comes to myself, it is way more complex, it requires a personal process that I have walked alongside many people, and I know how complex it is from my own standpoint.

One of the first things people struggle with when you tell them their name is their brand is the balance between your ego and humility. If my name is my brand, then how do I keep my ego checked.

How is it that I won’t get dizzy with power and fame? And on the other hand, am I running away from “fame” because of personal insecurities?

Using your name as your brand makes you visible.

Some people need a character or a brand name to make things work. Some artists go with a pseudonym or artistic name, and it works for them. It helps keep their personal life separate from the private. However, in the case of public figures it is more complicated to shy away from using your own name. You want to make sure that your brand is trusted, and the best asset to be trusted is to put yourself out there. Yes, that means your name, your face, and who you are in the most truthful way.

You may find that as you use your name and face to grow a brand, you also have to deal with plenty of insecurities. It is a process, a very delicate process that will make you face things about yourself that you might have putting away for years. Every time you see your name being used you may question if you are good enough to be used as a reference or as a public figure.

Why do people want to learn from or about me?

Do I have authority over what I’m saying?

It’s not unusual to have those doubts and insecurities. As a matter of fact, your sales pitch and your branding efforts will most of the time be derived from such questions. Why? Well, because you’re capable, instructed, or experienced enough to share your voice and your talent. Every time you come up with why you’re “good enough” just let your knowledge do the answering.

The reasons why you’re selling something or doing something are exactly what makes you “good enough” to do or sell it.

Next time you feel afraid of branding yourself… Just remember that the first argument in favor of why you’re doing anything is the actual courage that it takes for you to do it. Whoever has enough bravery to put themselves out there and share what they know, think , believe, or can do is worth listening to. After that, it takes connection, quality of message, delivery, format, and plenty of other things for your message to spread and connect. But the first step and measure of validity for you to be “out there” is definitely to have the courage to be “out there”.


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