You’ve grown your business on your own?
You want to keep your vision, but you’re ready to grow?

business strategy consulting services


My business strategy consulting services, provide you with help seeing your business from a bigger perspective. What works for you? What opportunities and options do you have to make your business bigger and better?

My main focus is to support your passion project, and the vision of business that will allow you to be happy, profitable, and to do good for your community and the world.

Forget about “business as usual”! The world has changed, and there are many ways to grow your business that go beyond traditional business practices. If you’re ready to change the culture in your business or your own approach, here are my business strategy consulting services:

All my strategies, focus on integrating these elements to your business:

  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Digital tools and resources
  • Human marketing (soulful, honest, and value based).


1. Clarity (business strategy) consulting sessions: $100 USD per session or $400 for 5 sessions (to be used within 1-5 months).

2. Company or group brainstorming sessions. What can you do better and what does “better” mean? $500 USD per session. (3-20 people, usually 1.5 hours per session).

3. Monthly mentoring: 400 USD
-Monthly meeting for business strategy sessions
-Unlimited follow-up and consultations on progress via email or messenger systems.

4. Customized business solutions:

Sometimes you need some assistance launching a project. It may require not just consulting, but actual coordination of different areas, resources or professionals. I can help! I can work with you defining the strategy and keeping your team on task, sharing your vision, and excited to be part of it! You may also need specific help mastering a platform, integrating your systems, or migrating platforms or integrating teams. It's all about making resources work with you and for you. Let's talk! Just send me a quick email and we'll set-up a call.


To learn more about my perspective and approach to business strategy and life I invite you to take a look at my blog HERE.