Creative Content Strategies for Creative and Soulful People

I'm Ximena Santibañez, and throughout my professional career I discovered a dirty little secret about business:

You can do GOOD things, that make you happy, and make a living out of it.

Everything and anything you create can be soulful, sustainable, aligned with your values, and profitable!

For the past 20 years I have taken part in successful social, creative, and educational ventures. From passion projects, to music festivals, and everything in between. My mind has learned to seeing the big picture, relationships and interactions and how one person, project, or content may fit in. I used this mindset in natural disaster assessment, business consulting, music production, politics, brand development and social media growth.

I know for a fact that people can build great businesses without selling their souls, by remaining true to their values. Everything you create, from website or a brand, to an art masterpiece; should be built around your values and priorities!

The bottom-line isn't profit; it is value.

Our value is key to our creative process and strategies. Change is a constant in the world. What you created yesterday may not be what you should create today. That said, your past and your experience are your biggest asset. Whether you are trying to create content for social media, or the next best-seller; you need to know who you are, where you come from and where you want to go. That is your strategy! In order to develop a good strategy, we need to see the big picture, and develop specific, aligned, and achievable actions. The type of actions that will make you wake up in the morning inspired to get to work, and will continue to inspire you to dream.

What are you creating?

I have seen all sorts of creative people lose control of their process, creation, and results. Many creative and spiritually-focused people struggle building the life they want because of three specific problems:

  • How do I turn my passion into my business?
  • I don’t know what to create!
  • I don’t know what to do next!

This is why I focus in supporting creative and soulful people by developing creative content strategies. When you gain knowledge and control over your creative process and the future of your creations, all of these problems are easier to solve. You may even have fun exploring your options!

Who struggles with finding creative content strategies?

-Product developers, artists, innovative professionals, program developers, business investors, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, etc.

What can they do?

I work with a values-based process in which we will analyze who you are (brand development), and what you want to achieve NOW, and in the future (goals and strategy).

Once we define these basic principles for you or your business we will develop your creative content strategy. I will guide you to make sure that whatever you create is GOOD.

  • Good for you.
  • Good for those who work with you.
  • Good for the people who use it, experience it, or receive it.
  • Good for the planet.

We will look into what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You will find that why and how matter much more, and will enable you to become more happy and playful with anything you chose to do!

My approach: how will we build your creative content strategy?

I love working one on one with you, becoming an ally as you develop your content, art, projects, and products. I know that success comes from being clear about who you are, what you are selling, and being able to share it with your audience or team. With my soulful business consulting approach, we make sure that your passion project turns into a wonderful thriving and successful business.

When you love what you create, it is easier to make people fall in love with it too!

I will help you find and learn how to use the best tools to collaborate with others in your field and outside your industry, finding areas of opportunity in an ever-changing environment.

How can I help?

I know what it takes to build a business. I know what it's like to make your passion your business. Falling in love with that idea and making it happen is not easy. But I tell you, it's totally worth it!

I'll make sure you know what your brand is, its values, what it represents to you and how it fits in the world. We will find opportunities for your creations to be seen, enjoyed, and valued. It doesn't matter if you are working on your next masterpiece, you work from home, or are part of a bigger business. I will help you find your next creation, and enjoy the process of putting it out into the world!

Your business has a timing. Your process does too. I can help you stay on track while making sure you are ready for each stage of your growth. My soulful business consulting approach will make you succeed as a person, and build positive relationships with everyone who collaborates in making your business grow. From suppliers to customers, you will build a long-lasting community, not just a successful business.

I want to help you join and develop successful networks and communities with other creative and soulful people. Like-minded people can make wonderful things happen.


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