Learn why Natalie Merchant is a social media guru

Have you ever listened to Natalie Merchant’s “Break Your Heart”? Turns out, she really nailed what’s happening with a lot of us and social media

Full song here:

People shallow self absorbed
See the push and shove for their rewards
With nothing nice on their minds
You can read about it in their eyes

Social media has spread a wave of depression, insecurities, and a selfie-generation that has more to do with self-absortion than with just taking pictures and doing the duckface or using those awesome Snapchat filters. There is a struggle to gain followers, to get likes, and go viral. But our minds do truly get filled with “nothing nice”. We focus on what we want and need, and stop seeing ourselves as part of communities. Something that, mind you, is actually the mere essence of social media. We build communities by sharing!


People ruthless, people cruel
The damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It’s enough to make you lose your mind


Yes, that ruthlessness and cruelty that was more exclusive in broadcasting spheres where the rich and famous would get criticized has become way more democratic. Instead of harassing just renowned athletes or actresses about what they wore or how they behaved, now any one of us may go viral without our knowledge or approval, and have millions of people criticize what we do, think, or say. And yes, the damage that all that hate and pride is making tons of people lose not only their minds, their peace, and in some cases their lives. The saddest part, is that the real damage is being done to the youngest among us. Kids and teens have less resilience and filter for all these things. Their vulnerability is incredibly high, and many of them are growing up without much direction. Whether it is because people don’t know enough to guide them, or they just don’t see social media as the big influence that it truly is.


Don’t spread discontent, don’t spread the lies
Don’t make the same mistakes with your own life
And don’t disrespect yourself, don’t lose your pride
And don’t think everybody is gonna chose your side


So what do we do? DO NOT SHARE stuff that hurts, misinforms, or creates more of what we don’t want. Do not copy or mimic things, contents, or behaviors that, though popular, are just hurting people and communities. But the most important part, is that, since we are all content creators, we need to be mindful about what we share. Respecting ourselves, our values, our beliefs. Being proud of who we are, and what we stand for. And knowing that we will face people who may at least think different from ourselves, we need to be prepared.

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  • This was a great read about the temperature on social media and society at large. I saw Natalie Merchant perform in LA two years ago – and I especially valued that see did not allow cell phones to be used at her show. She spoke about how she finds is disrespectful (seeing it from her point of view on stage) to have light flashing at her while she performs live. I champion her points…

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