Val Smiles A Really Big Smile

If you want to take the book deeper, here are some reflections and conversation points.

In the book, Val learns that sharing what she likes can lead to exciting conversations.
Sometimes you won’t agree with others, sometimes you’ll find that you have similar tastes. But then, what do you do with what you have learned?

  1. What did Val learn about her friends? What was important to them? What do they like and dislike and why?
  2. Sometimes talking to others helps you see things from a different perspective. What did Val learn to see in a different perspective?
  3. Why was it important for Val to share with Dad what she learned? This shows that parents can give you guidance, advice, and share what is important to you.
  4. Time to go beyond the book.
    A. What do people around you smile about? What makes them smile a really big smile?
    B. What things or activities remind you of people you know?
    C. Can you do this every day at the end of your day? What made you smile a really big smile today?

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