Welcome to the love economy

Welcome to the love economy! I know, how can we talk about love when the whole planet is in chaos, right?

You know how everyone is fighting over the damage of capitalism? The dangers of socialism? The epic fail of communism?

Most of what’s going on with these conversations, happens because we keep trying to make old models work in a new economy. We have gone beyond globalization and neoliberalism to a new model. The love economy!

It’s time for a shift in perception.

It’s not the system that has failed. As I just mentioned, we keep trying to make new models fall into old paradigms. Our shift is actually catching up with the reality surrounding us. The shift in perception is also being forced by the social, political, and environmental crisis. All voices keep pointing in the same direction, no matter how much we try to avoid it.

A new economy, the love economy.

What are the basics of this new system? Simple:

a) people matter
b) the environment is a priority
c) growth must be sustainable

What does this mean?

People matter.

It means that the humanity of people as they perform any activity is important. We are talking about dignity, fulfillment, and fair wages for employees. We are admitting that happy people are productive, healthy, and a better investment. People want products and services that match their values and needs.

The environment is a priority.

We can no longer make this a side goal. Humanity cannot keep creating products that we cannot dispose of properly. We are no longer willing to put growth above sustainability. We know better. Creative solutions and innovation have shown us we can do things better. And if we don’t, there is always someone on the other side of the world who might. It does not matter how wealthy you are, you will breathe the same air, and eat the same toxins as the rest of the world.

Growth must be sustainable.

The old mindset of “I win- you lose” is over. We have seen the unsustainable warfare and violence worldwide. That is not an accident. It is entirely our doing. That crazy idea of making a profit out of others, without any foreseeable consequence, is gone. It’s simply bad business and wasteful allocation of resources to exploit our resources. It does not matter how much money you are wiling to spend on defense, protection, bribes, sanctions, fees, and other similar concepts.

The best way to do things is in a way that you don’t have to spend more resources making up for your mistakes. This means that, whatever you do, it has to be done in a way that you do not harm others. By doing so, you create a chain of positive impact. Such a chain will allow you to focus on doing what you do and love, better, faster, cheaper, and with less complications.

That’s just wishful thinking!

On the contrary! Take a look at the world’s success stories. Would you have imagined that one of the world’s most successful businesses is a free platform that connects people? Would you have imagined you would pay to stay at a stranger’s house when you visited another country? What products and services make Oprah Winfrey one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the planet? Ever heard of Corporate Social Responsibility? CSR is an actual measure of success and recognition to good business practices. It encompasses all the practices put in place by companies in order to uphold the principles of sustainable development. There is also ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) that refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company.

The love economy connects entrepreneurs worldwide!

That is an additional element of this new age. People have little to no desire to be employed. Chains, collectives, and groups of entrepreneurs are creating a new dynamic. People doing what they love most, and selling it to those who want it. They do not need the pension and benefits. No need for corporate offices. They are turning their passion projects into successful businesses. People do not devote their whole life to one career. We are now free to learn, grow, and collaborate. Much more productive systems are being developed. And at the core of all of them, is the love for our selves, our families, and the lifestyle we decide to create for ourselves.

Are you ready for the love economy? Because it’s here, just waiting for you!


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