Stop operating from fear! Flow from love

Are you still operating from fear? How can you tell?

Operating from fear: an honest reality.

Most of the choices we make every day tend to be loaded with a pack of fear. And that is precisely what’s been pushing us to make tougher and tougher decisions. From politics to our daily decisions. What should I do? Where should I go? Should I wear a facemask? Should I stay in my house? Well… are you doing it because you’re afraid of everything? Or are you doing it because you care for others, like and enjoy what you’re doing?

The truth is that your choices may very well be the same. The options you may have can actually be the same as well. But, that said, operating from fear makes you stuck, frustrated and limited in more ways than one.

Flowing from love may sound like a radically naïve concept. However, it is all but naïve. It takes a lot of courage.

I’ve talked before about love economics, and how love changes the approach and the outcome to our actions. But when we talk about our decision-making process it becomes key!

What does operating from fear look like?

When you make a choice operating from fear, your thoughts are based on avoiding danger. You may choose to get to work, because of the fear of not making money, getting fired, or missing out on a promotion. It’s like a hunter going out for a prey, because otherwise they will die of hunger. Or getting married for the fear of living and dying alone. Can you see where this is going?

Operating from fear usually leads to rush decisions, settling, frustration, not to mention general paranoia.

Overall, not the best and more efficient outcome is expected. You may end up living without the best use of your time, skills, and resources as a whole. If it’s not efficient, it’s not good for the economy. So, whether you’re a practical being, or a soul-centered person, it’s not the best choice!

flowing from love

Switching it up: operating from love.

Let’s got back to the exact same scenarios we stated before, but switching them to the love flow.

You may now choose to go to work, because you enjoy what you do and you feel useful. Anything you leave behind to make it happen won’t burden you, because you feel it’s worth it, and your overall attitude will be positive.

A hunter going out for a pray, may enjoy the thrill of the hunt and make a full outing of it.

A person choosing to get married because they love the other person and want to build a joint life, a family, and shared life projects poses a very different outcome from the one we mentioned before.

Flowing from love leads to a better economy.

I will always bring us back to the efficiency and balance that love brings to a free capitalist-based economy. Why? Because just like an algorithm, each of our choices is feeding the system. When we show in our daily behavior and choices that we would rather live a healthy life, than a sugar-loaded carb-based diet, the market responds! Likewise, when we feed the system that we would rather work in a job we love, live in a healthy space, and share our lives with people who make us better… Guess what? The world responds! It’s not just energetic, though it is energy-based. Likewise, it’s not just wishful or positive thinking.

Lightening the load, helps you operate better.

It’s actually pretty basic. If you’re not afraid, frustrated, or overwhelmed, your brain can focus on other things rather than just keeping you alive. You are better able to create, imagine, analyze, focus, etc.

That way, little by little, just like your load is lighter, so is the world’s. If more of us flow from love, as opposed to operating from fear, there are less harmful scenarios for all of us.

If you don’t believe me, try it! Just for one day. Every choice you make, see where it’s coming from. Just ask yourself why am I choosing to do this? And if you find yourself thinking “I don’t have a choice”, then take another step back and see how you got into that position. Chances are it comes from one of those rush, sudden, fear-based decisions.

And remember:

You may end up making the same exact decision, but your intention makes a difference!

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